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Patchwork Blanket Knitting Patterns

Klara Nilsson | Updated on June 17, 2023

If you’re feeling uninspired with your latest knitting project, why not try knitting something to decorate your home instead?

Patchwork blankets make the perfect home decor pattern to break up your routine. They’re easy to work up and they don’t take too much concentration – which means you can knit them on-the-go without having to think too hard about it.

In fact, you can piece a patchwork blanket together in just a day or two if you need to use up some leftover yarn or simply take a break from your current project. They’re great all-rounder patterns that can create some seriously impressive results by simply knitting individual squares and sewing them together.

In this list, we’ve curated 12 of the best patchwork blanket knitting patterns from various different designers, including several free patterns.

You’ll find a range of very basic patchwork blankets for beginners, most of which use just garter stitch and stockinette stitch to create each square. These are great for newbie knitters looking to practice the basics, or intermediates looking for a good foundation to work with.

For more advanced knitters, you’ll also find some patchwork blanket and quilt knitting patterns with more interesting designs and techniques including cabling, ribbing, and some unique colorwork.

The beauty of these blanket patterns is that you can do as you please. If you’d like, you can treat the pattern as a mere foundation while you customize each square’s color, texture, and technique to your preference.

On the other hand, you can follow your pattern to the tee if you’d like to stick with the basics or put in as little effort as possible. You can make it as easy or as challenging as you’d like, and still finish the pattern with something you can be proud of.

To learn more about exactly how to knit a patchwork blanket, skip to later on in this article.

TIP: For absolute beginners, we recommend checking out our hand-picked list of chunky blanket knitting kits, too. They come with all of the materials you need to get started, along with a chunky blanket pattern that’s great for learning the ropes.

12 Patchwork Blanket Knitting Patterns (From Beginner to Advanced)

Now to the good stuff: here are 12 free and paid patchwork blanket knitting patterns of all shapes, sizes, and difficulty levels.

You can knit these patterns with as many or few knitted blanket squares as you’d like – they can range in size from a baby blanket to a full sized throw. Just remember to take size into account when purchasing your yarn.

If you want to gift a little one in your life, you can also take a look at our collection of baby blanket knitting kits for more specific instructions.

1. Simple Patchwork Blanket Knitting Pattern

Patchwork Blanket Knitting Pattern
Techniques RequiredStockinette Stitch
Suggested YarnFeels Like Butta – Lion Brand Yarn
Designer’s WebsiteSimple Patchwork Blanket – EveryLittleStitchInc on Etsy

This is a big, fun blanket pattern that’s worked up in warm and squishy yarn from Lion Brand. It’s constructed using 15 individual patches, 8 of which use one stitch pattern and 7 of which use another.

Along with a delicate border that’s knit in the round, this creates a unique patchwork blanket that’s interesting to look at while still being simple to knit. The finished blanket measures 37 inches wide and 52 inches long.

Recommended Materials

To knit this pattern, you will need the following materials:

Needle SizeUS Size 7/4.5mm Straight Needles
US Size 8/5mm Circular Needles
Yarn Weight50g = 100m
Yarn QuantityN/A – See Pattern

2. Vintage Patchwork Blanket Knitting Pattern

Vintage Patchwork Blanket Knitting Pattern
Techniques RequiredMoss Stitch
Crossed Rib Stitch
Laburnham Stitch
Campanular Stitch
Alternating Link Stitch
Suggested YarnN/A – See Pattern
Designer’s WebsiteVintage Patchwork Blanket – PastPatternPaloozaCo on Etsy

This vintage pattern uses DK weight yarn and 3.25mm needles to create a beautiful patchwork bedspread in a mixture of different stitch patterns and colors. It also includes instructions for a matching cushion, so you essentially get two patterns in one.

You’ll be able to practice several intermediate to advanced techniques that don’t crop up in many patterns. This includes crossed rib stitch, alternating link stitch, and some even rarer techniques such as laburnham and campanular stitch.

Recommended Materials

To knit this pattern, you will need the following materials:

Needle SizeUS Size 3/3.25mm Circular Needles
Yarn WeightDK Weight
Yarn QuantityN/A – See Pattern

3. Free Patchwork Blanket Pattern With Visible Seams

Patchwork Blanket with Visible Seams
Price$0.00 (Free)
Techniques RequiredGarter Stitch
Whip Stitch
Suggested YarnBig Donut O’Go – Caron Yarn
Designer’s WebsitePatchwork Blanket With Visible Seams – Yarnspirations

This free patchwork blanket knitting pattern is worked up using garter stitch, which means it’s fully reversible and about as easy to knit as it gets.

It uses simple color changes between 4 different colors to create a bright mixture of square panels. These panels are then sewn together with whip stitch seams that you can see in the final product.

Recommended Materials

To knit this pattern, you will need the following materials:

Needle SizeUS Size 8/5mm Circular Needles
Yarn Weight280g = 459m
Yarn QuantityN/A – See Pattern

4. Mosaic Squares Blanket Pattern

Mosaic Squares Blanket Knitting Pattern
Price$0.00 (Free)
Techniques RequiredMosaic Knitting
Slip Stitches
Suggested YarnGood Wool – Purl Soho
Cashmere Merino Bloom – Purl Soho
Designer’s WebsiteMosaic Squares Blanket Pattern – Purl Soho

This free patchwork blanket pattern by Purl Soho includes instructions for two different sized blankets: a baby blanket and a full-sized throw.

It utilizes a technique called mosaic knitting, which was first made popular in the 1970s. This technique uses slip stitches to create a patchwork effect that resembles gingham.

Unlike other forms of knitted colorwork like intarsia or Fair Isle, mosaic knitting does not involve working with more than one color in each row, which means you don’t have to be a super advanced knitter to feel comfortable with it.

Recommended Materials

To knit this pattern, you will need the following materials:

Needle SizeUS Size 6/4mm Circular Needles
Yarn Weight100g = 350m (Yarn A)
100g = 200m (Yarn B)
Yarn Quantity3-4 Skeins (Yarn A)
4-7 Skeins (Yarn B)

5. 1970s Blanket With Patchwork Squares

Patchwork Squares Blanket Knitting Pattern
Techniques RequiredStockinette Stitch
Suggested YarnN/A – See Pattern
Designer’s WebsiteBlanket With Patchwork Squares – PatternProfessionals on Etsy

Designed in the 1970s, this vintage knitting pattern uses colorful squares and blocks to create a striking blanket that works great as an afghan or throw for your couch. It’s worked up using worsted weight yarn and 5mm needles, and measures approximately 52 inches wide and 62 inches long.

Recommended Materials

To knit this pattern, you will need the following materials:

Needle SizeUS Size 8/5mm Circular Needles
Yarn WeightWorsted Weight
Yarn QuantityN/A – See Pattern

6. Patchwork Blanket by Yarnspirations

Knit Patchwork Blanket by Yarnspirations
Price$0.00 (Free)
Techniques RequiredGarter Stitch
Suggested YarnDecor – Patons
Designer’s WebsiteKnit Patchwork Blanket – Yarnspirations

If you’re looking to knit a beginner’s patchwork blanket, this free pattern by Yarnspirations is the way to go. Each blanket square is worked up entirely in garter stitch using 5 different colors of Patons Décor yarn.

This creates an eye-catching, dynamic design with alternating colors and stripes. You can create the blanket using the colors shown, or choose from dozens of different shades to create something unique to you.

Recommended Materials

To knit this pattern, you will need the following materials:

Needle SizeUS Size 7/4.5mm Circular Needles
Yarn Weight100g = 190m
Yarn Quantity2850m

7. Mitered Square Blanket in Alpaca Wool

Mitered Square Blanket in Alpaca Wool
Techniques RequiredN/A – See Pattern
Suggested YarnNord – DROPS
Designer’s WebsiteMitered Square Blanket in Alpaca Wool – LANADOR on Etsy

One for advanced knitters, this blanket is assembled from a total of 81 mitered squares that each measure approximately 8 inches wide by 8 inches tall.

It uses alpaca wool in 4 different colors, small 3mm circular needles, and a range of different stitch patterns. The final blanket measures approximately 28 inches long and 28 inches wide, and should be a perfect square shape.

Recommended Materials

To knit this pattern, you will need the following materials:

Needle SizeUS Size 2.5/3mm Circular Needles
Yarn Weight50g = 170m
Yarn Quantity200g (Color A)
150g (Color B)
150g (Color C)
50g (Color D)

8. Modular Patchwork Blanket Pattern

Patchwork Modular Blanket Pattern
Techniques RequiredGarter Stitch
Suggested YarnN/A – See Pattern
Designer’s WebsitePatchwork Modular Blanket Pattern – HeatherMaid on Etsy

Thanks to its mitred construction, this patchwork blanket is sturdy enough that it will not stretch out of shape regardless of what you put it through. That makes it great for toddlers and babies, or even as a quilt to throw on top of your bed.

Each shape is knitted in garter stitch, which involves knitting every row. They are then knitted onto each other as you progress through the pattern, which means there are only a few seams to contend with. A fully seamless version is also included in the instructions.

You’ll find details about the amount of yarn needed for each shape along with a blank template so you can plan out your own colourway.

Recommended Materials

To knit this pattern, you will need the following materials:

Needle SizeN/A – See Pattern
Yarn WeightDK Weight (8 Ply)
Yarn QuantityN/A – See Pattern

9. Basic Patchwork Blanket Pattern

Basic Patchwork Blanket Knitting Pattern
Techniques RequiredCable Knitting
Rib Stitch
Stockinette Stitch
Suggested YarnBig Wool – Rowan
Designer’s WebsiteBasic Patchwork Blanket – Ruth Cross on Ravelry

Worked up in ‘Big Wool’ yarn from Rowan, this patchwork blanket may be basic to knit, but it still looks sophisticated. The pattern was first published in Ruth Cross’ ‘Knits at Home: Rustic Designs for the Modern Nest’, a highly popular home decor pattern collection from 2013.

It uses Aran weight yarn and 3 differently-sized needles to create a throw-size blanket with alternating cables and ribbing for added texture. If that sounds good, you can check out our full list of cable knitting patterns for designs that use similar techniques.

Recommended Materials

To knit this pattern, you will need the following materials:

Needle SizeUS Size 7/4.5mm Needles
US Size 10.5/6.5mm Needles
US Size 10/6mm Needles
Yarn Weight100g = 80m
Yarn QuantityN/A – See Pattern

10. Patchwork Afghan Throw Pattern

Patchwork Afghan Throw Pattern
Techniques RequiredGarter Stitch
Suggested YarnN/A – See Pattern
Designer’s WebsitePatchwork Afghan Throw Pattern – Crafty Gran on Ravelry

Featured here with a nautical design, this enjoyable knit is a great foundation for you to explore your creative side. Worked up using DK weight cotton yarn, it’s assembled using a number of individual knitted squares depending on the size you need. You can do 2×2 squares for a patchwork baby blanket, or 4×4 squares for a full-sized throw.

Recommended Materials

To knit this pattern, you will need the following materials:

Needle SizeUS Size 10.5/6.5mm Circular Needles
Yarn WeightBulky Weight (12 Ply)
Yarn Quantity 2110m

11. “Festive Forest” Blanket Knitting Pattern

Festive Forest Blanket Knitting Pattern
Techniques RequiredGarter Stitch
Mattress Stitch
Suggested YarnNorthampton – Valley Yarns
Designer’s Website“Festive Forest” Blanket – TheKnitwitpatterns on Etsy

This easy patchwork throw works as a bedspread, afghan, or just a simple blanket. Each patch is knitted from the center out using garter stitch and then sewn into vertical strips, which are then sewn together to finish the blanket. Stitches for the border are then picked up from the edges.

Knitted using 26 skeins of yarn in 12 different colors, the final blanket measures approximately 58 inches wide and 75 inches long.

Recommended Materials

To knit this pattern, you will need the following materials:

Needle SizeUS Size 7/4.5mm Circular Needles
Yarn Weight100g = 225m
Yarn Quantity5 Skeins (Color A)
3 Skeins (Color B)
2 Skeins (Colors C-J)
1 Skein (Colors K-L)

12. Cabled Patchwork Throw Knitting Pattern

Cabled Patchwork Throw Knitting Pattern
Techniques RequiredCable Knitting
Popcorn Stitch
Suggested YarnCotton Denim Aran – Debbie Bliss
Eco Cotton – Debbie Bliss
Designer’s WebsiteCabled Patchwork Throw – Debbie Bliss

Originally published in Debbie Bliss’ knitting magazine from 2009, this patchwork blanket pattern is worked flat in stockinette stitch using cotton yarn and two sizes of straight needles. You’ll use bobble stitch and cables in alternating squares to create a unique blanket you’ll want to showcase everywhere.

Recommended Materials

To knit this pattern, you will need the following materials:

Needle SizeUS Size 6/4mm Circular Needles
US Size 7/4.5mm Circular Needles
Yarn Weight50g = 68m (Yarn A)
50g = 90m (Yarn B)
Yarn Quantity2280m

How to Knit a Patchwork Blanket

Patchwork blankets are some of the easiest projects for absolute beginners. You simply knit lots of small squares and then sew them together to form one final piece. Just Imagine knitting a gauge swatch, then repeat it lots of times!

The easiest method is to knit each patch using garter stitch on straight needles. That means there will be no purl stitches and no right or wrong side to your knitting – the blanket will look exactly the same on both sides.

These patterns can be very simple, but they’re also great scrap yarn knitting projects that you can use to exercise your inner designer, as the creative possibilities are endless. You can customize the size, color, and stitchwork of each patch without having to worry about making mistakes on the blanket as a whole. It can be as easy or as difficult as you’d like!

You may also find that you don’t need a pattern at all. They can be a useful foundation to build on, but you can follow your own instincts once you’ve knitted and seamed your first few patches. That said, patterns come in especially handy when working on more intricate designs and techniques.

How Many Stitches Do You Need for a Blanket Square?

The number of stitches you’ll need to cast on for each square will obviously depend on how big you’d like each square to be. This doesn’t always have to affect the size of the final blanket though – some patterns create big blankets with lots of small squares, and some do the opposite.

If you’re using DK weight yarn and mid-sized needles, you might typically cast on roughly 50 stitches for an average square in stockinette stitch.

It can vary widely, but it typically takes around 30 to 40 individual squares to finish a patchwork blanket. This can be divided in half for a baby blanket.

If you’re knitting a patchwork quilt for a full-sized bed, it will need to be approximately 90 inches long and 80 inches wide. To knit this, you’ll need around 15 rows of 6 inch knitted squares.

How Much Yarn Do You Need for a Patchwork Blanket?

As always, the exact amount of yarn you’ll need will depend on the pattern you’re knitting, the size of the blanket, and the tension of your knitting.

If you’re looking for a general rule of thumb, it’s safe to say that 1 skein of bulky yarn will cover a 20 inch square of knitting, give or take a few inches.

The knitting patterns we’ve listed here recommend roughly 600g per blanket, or just over 2000 meters of DK weight yarn.

Patchwork Blanket Knitting Patterns

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