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Curated Modern Knitting Patterns

Klara Nilsson | Updated on June 17, 2023

Here you’ll find the best modern knitting patterns collected from all over the internet. We’ve searched through Etsy, Ravelry, Instagram, and more to find stylish free and paid knitting patterns that you’ll actually want to wear.

Finding your next knitting project shouldn’t be difficult. Unfortunately, most knitting websites are full of outdated patterns and thousands of old and disorganized designs.

In an effort to fix this, we’ve curated the best knitting patterns out there and categorized them by style, skill level, and silhouette. You’ll find chic scarves, sweaters, hats, cardigans, and everything in between for beginners and advanced knitters alike.

Each article includes a curated list of free and paid patterns selected from independent designers and big brands, along with detailed information on supplies, techniques, yarn, and much more.

Our motto is better, not bigger – we’re just getting started, but there’ll be much more very soon!

Curated Knitting Patterns by Category​

We’ve organised all of the knitting patterns we’ve curated into categories. Find the item of knitwear you need below, along with all of the information you need to get started.

Easy Super Chunky Scarf Knitting Pattern

Chunky Scarf Knitting Patterns

In this list, we've hand-picked 16 chunky & striped scarf knitting patterns that are quick to work up and perfect for beginners.

Nellie Neckwarmer Pattern

Cowl Knitting Patterns

Cowls are much-loved in the knitting community and make great projects for beginners. Find out why in this list of 14 stunning cowl knitting patterns.

Mohair Lace Cardigan Pattern

Lace Knitting Patterns

From simple scarves to intricate diamond sweaters, find 17 modern lace knitting patterns for knitters of all skill levels.

Everyday Socks

Sock Knitting Patterns

In this list, we’ve hand-picked 24 sock knitting patterns in a range of different styles, designs, and difficulty levels.

Sweater No. 20 Cable Knit Sweater Pattern

Cable Knitting Patterns

Choose from this list of top cable knitting patterns from contemporary designers. You’ll find patterns for cable knit sweaters, vests, hats, and more.

Augustins No. 23 Knitted Skirt Pattern

Skirt Knitting Patterns

Learn to knit five different styles of skirt with this list of 12 stylish skirt knitting patterns.

The Valley Intarsia Cardigan

Intarsia Knitting Patterns

Add more color to your knitting with this list of 17 intarsia knitting patterns from contemporary and vintage knitwear designers.

Deima's Rib Trousers

Pants Knitting Patterns

Find 11 hand-picked knitting patterns for stylish women's pants chosen by style, fit, and yarn fiber.

Basic Bralette knitting pattern

Easy Bralette Knitting Patterns

Here are 13 basic bralette knitting patterns you can work up in a day or two using just 1 or 2 skeins of yarn.

Oh My Figure Dress Knitting Pattern

Dress Knitting Patterns

Choose the dress of your dreams with this varied collection of 15 dress knitting patterns for all body types and occasions.

Spruce Mittens

Mittens Knitting Patterns

Learn how to knit a simple pair of mittens with this list of easy patterns for adults and children.

Drama Vest V-Neck Knitting Pattern

V-Neck Vest Knitting Patterns

Into grandpa chic? Find 18 stylish V-neck vest knitting patterns from top indie designers. You’ll find both classic and contemporary sleeveless sweater vests.

Brightwool Bucket Hat

Bucket Hat Knitting Patterns

Find 12 bucket hat knitting patterns, both free and paid. You can knit these bucket hats with just one or two balls of yarn in 3 hours or less.

exhale balaclava pattern

Modern Balaclava Knitting Patterns

Here are 10 beautiful balaclava knitting patterns from top designers this season. You'll find chunky, vintage, full-face patterns and more.

Beret No.1

Classic Beret Knitting Patterns

Choose from a curated list of modern beret knitting patterns, from classic french berets to super-easy slouchy designs.