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Shawl Knitting Kits

Klara Nilsson | Updated on December 21, 2022

Knitted shawls are loved by knitters because they’re super easy to work up and extremely versatile as a piece of clothing. Depending on how big your shawl is, you can wear it bundled up, over your shoulders, or wrapped around your neck like a cozy scarf.

Shawls are flexible in more than just size too – whether you’re looking to wrap up warm in winter or just to stave off a summer breeze, you can knit your shawl in chunky wool or breathable cotton to suit any weather.

To help you knit a shawl that’s right for you, we’ve curated this list of 10 shawl knitting kits in various different shapes, sizes, and yarn types.

Each knitting kit comes with preselected yarn in the right quantity and yarn weight, along with a digital knitting pattern for the shawl of your choice. Most of these kits come with knitting needles, but we’ve listed the required knitting needle type and size beside each kit if not.

We’ve selected shawl kits for a range of skill levels, but the vast majority are easy to knit up with simple knit, purl, and garter stitches. For the veteran knitters, you’ll find some shawl kits involving tassels and more advanced stitch patterns like herringbone weave to keep you busy.

10 Hand-Picked Shawl Knitting Kits

To help you find your next project, here’s a list of 10 shawl knitting kits from top knitwear designers. You’ll find a variety of shapes including rectangular, crescent, and triangular shawls, as well as a range of yarn types.

We’ve selected shawl kits using straight and circular needles as well as a mixture of yarn fibers including lace, superfine merino, and chunky wool. If you’re looking for something softer, check out our list of luxury cashmere knitting kits, too.

1. “Let It Be” Shawl Kit

Let It Be Wrap

This modern knitting kit contains 9 balls of yarn made with a blend of soft alpaca and merino wool. Along with a shawl knitting pattern and an optional pair of 8mm needles, it’ll give you everything you need to knit a cozy merino shawl to wear all year round.

Worked primarily in basic garter stitch, the final shawl is one-size-fits-all and takes just over 20 hours to complete.

Difficulty LevelBeginner
Knitting Kit Contents9 balls of “Alpachino Merino” Yarn
Digital Knitting Pattern
US Size 11/8mm Circular Needles (optional)
Additional RequirementsN/A
Knitting Kit Website“Let It Be” Wrap Kit – Wool and the Gang

2. The Shawl Kit by Wool Couture

Shawl Knitting Kit

Created using a simple combination of knits, purls, and increases, this knitting kit by Wool Couture creates the perfect summer shawl in a color combination of your choice.

Suited to knitters at an intermediate skill level, the pattern is relatively simple but the large number of stitches on your needles could be difficult for beginners.

Difficulty LevelIntermediate
Knitting Kit Contents6 balls of “Utterly Aran” Yarn (Color A)
3 Balls of “Utterly Aran” Yarn (Color B)
Digital Knitting Pattern
Darning Needle
Tote Bag
US Size 8/5mm Circular Needles (Optional)
Additional RequirementsN/A
Knitting Kit WebsiteShawl Knitting Kit – WoolCoutureCompany on Etsy

3. “Aveline” Chunky Shawl Knitting Kit

Aveline Chunky Shawl Kit

This chunky shawl kit by Wool Couture is designed for advanced beginners looking to work up a shawl in thick, bulky yarn. The kit includes everything you’ll need to knit a winter wrap with a beautiful lace design using the simple stockinette and garter stitches.

Difficulty LevelBeginner/Intermediate
Knitting Kit Contents800g of “Cheeky Chunky” Merino Yarn
Sewing Needle
15mm Wooden Needles (Optional)
Digital Knitting Pattern
Additional RequirementsN/A
Knitting Kit WebsiteAveline Chunky Shawl Kit – WoolCoutureCompany on Etsy

4. “Le Marais” Shawl

Le Marais Shawl

If you’re looking to knit a triangular shawl, this kit is for you. The “Le Marais” shawl kit from We Are Knitters is an easy knitting kit containing 500g of wool, a pair of wooden needles, and a digital knitting pattern.

Worked in moss stitch, the final shawl is beautifully textured and big enough to keep you wrapped up in the colder months.

Difficulty LevelBeginner
Knitting Kit Contents5 skeins of “Petite Wool” (100g)
Digital Knitting Pattern
Tapestry Needle
US Size 11/8mm Straight Needles
Additional RequirementsN/A
Knitting Kit Website“Le Marais” Shawl Kit – We Are Knitters

5. Mohair Shawl Knitting Kit

Mohair Shawl Knitting Kit

The kit creates a soft, fuzzy shawl using 6 balls of alpaca and mohair yarn. It’s quick to knit up and suitable for new knitters, as you’ll only need to know basic knit and purl stitches. However, you’ll need to find or purchase 8mm circular needles separately.

Difficulty LevelBeginner
Knitting Kit Contents6 balls of “Kid Fur” Yarn by Ella Rae
Printed Knitting Pattern
Craft Bag
Additional RequirementsUS Size 11/8mm Circular Needles
Knitting Kit WebsiteMohair Shawl Knitting Kit – TheKnittingLoungeCo on Etsy

6. The “Secret Love” Shawl

Secret Love Shawl

This knitted shawl kit is ideal for experienced knitters looking for their next challenge.

Knitted using circular needles and four balls of worsted vegan yarn, this kit is a good opportunity to practice techniques including herringbone stitch, increasing and decreasing, and a cow hitch knot for the fringing. The shawl will take around 25 hours to produce and measured 122.5cm in length.

Difficulty LevelIntermediate
Knitting Kit Contents4 balls of “Tina Tape” Yarn
Digital Knitting Pattern
Tapestry Needle
“Made by Me” Label
US Size 10.5/6.5mm Circular Needles (Optional)
Additional RequirementsN/A
Knitting Kit Website“Secret Love” Shawl – Wool and the Gang

7. The “Valona” Shawl

Valona Shawl Knitting Kit

Another beginner-level kit, the “Valona Shawl” uses linen yarn to create a light, delicate shawl perfect for early summer.

The kit contains 600g of linen yarn, a digital knitting pattern, and an optional pair of 8mm straight knitting needles.

Difficulty LevelBeginner
Knitting Kit Contents6 skeins of Linen Yarn (600g)
Digital Knitting Pattern
Tapestry Needle
US Size 11/8mm Straight Needles (Optional)
Additional RequirementsN/A
Knitting Kit Website“Valona Shawl” Knitting Kit – We Are Knitters

8. “Marehalm” Shawl

Marehalm Shawl

Choose your own color combination and start knitting a cool, summery shawl straight away with the “Marehalm” shawl knitting kit from Önling.

Inspired by the Danish island of Fanø, this shawl is worked back and forth from the central line with a singular strand of yarn, with consistent increasing until it’s complete.

With instructions for one size, the kit includes a knitting pattern and 250g of superfine merino wool, though you’ll have to find 5mm knitting needles separately.

Difficulty LevelIntermediate
Knitting Kit Contents250g of Superfine Merino Wool
Digital Knitting Pattern
Additional RequirementsUS Size 8/5mm Circular Needles
Knitting Kit Website“Marehalm Shawl” Kit – Önling

9. “Beside You” Shawl

Beside You Shawl

Whether you want to knit your first shawl or you’re simply on the lookout for convenience, the “Beside You” shawl is a super simple and quick knit.

The kit includes up to 9 balls of yarn in a merino and alpaca blend, a pair of 8mm needles, and a shawl pattern that only requires basic knowledge of stockinette and garter stitching.

Difficulty LevelBeginner
Knitting Kit Contents8-9 balls of “Alpachino Merino” Yarn
Digital Knitting Pattern
US Size 11/8mm Needles
Additional RequirementsN/A
Knitting Kit Website“Beside You” Shawl Kit – Wool and the Gang

10. “Hisho” Shawl

Hisho Shawl Kit

This crescent-shaped shawl knitting kit from Önling provides the perfect opportunity to develop your knitting skills.

The pattern involves working a shifting slip stitch with four interwoven colors to knit a beautiful striped shawl in superfine merino wool. Along with the 4 balls of yarn included, you’ll need a pair of 3.5mm needles to work this project.

Difficulty LevelIntermediate
Knitting Kit Contents4 balls of “Önling No. 2” Yarn
Digital Knitting Pattern
Additional RequirementsUS Size 4/3.5mm Circular Needles (100cm Cable)
Knitting Kit Website“Hisho” Shawl Kit – Önling

How Do You Knit a Shawl?

The simplest way to knit a shawl is to work it in back-and-forth rows with straight needles. While it’s technically possible to knit almost all shawls using straight needles, it’s often easier to use a long circular needle if you’re using heavy yarn or knitting in large sizes. When using circular needles, the cable helps to hold the weight of your stitches.

You’ll typically need to know the most basic knitting stitches including knit, purl, and garter stitch.

As demonstrated by the knitting kits in this list, most shawl patterns require just 3 to 6 balls of yarn, or roughly 300g to 600g. If you choose a shawl knitting kit instead of a pattern by itself, you’ll get all of the yarn you need in one package, which saves you from having to find the right yarn type and quantity yourself.

Is It Difficult to Knit a Shawl?

Shawls don’t usually require a lot of shaping or fine needlework, which means they are generally considered to be easy knitting projects that are well-suited to beginners. For this reason, you’ll find these kits easier to work up than alternatives like hat knitting kits.

Depending on the pattern, they can be just as easy to knit as simple scarves, and many new knitters find them a welcome break from knitting the same items over and over again. You’ll use most of the same techniques as you would when starting and finishing a knitted scarf, too.

However, shawls are typically much wider and longer than scarves, and can even range up to 50 inches wide and 100 inches long. This means the hardest part of the pattern is holding the weight of the stitches up, not the process of stitching them.

As with all knitting patterns and kits, shawls do come in a spectrum of difficulty. Though the shape and basic construction is simple, many designers choose to embellish their patterns with more intricate techniques like lacework, cabling, or dropped stitching.

Colorwork, dropped stitching, and other types of weaving can be difficult. If you’re having trouble, you can find lessons to help teach you these advanced techniques in our collection of recommended knitting classes.

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