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Cashmere Knitting Kits

Klara Nilsson | Updated on March 4, 2023

Cashmere has a reputation as the crème de la crème of knitting yarns. It’s super soft, incredibly warm, and it produces a lightweight textile that makes any item of knitwear look fantastic.

As opposed to bulky and super chunky yarns, 100% cashmere yarn is usually thin, stretchy, and ultra flexible. However, pure cashmere is hard to find, and it’s almost always expensive.

To add to this problem, knitting kits are overwhelmingly aimed at beginners, and cashmere can be a difficult yarn to work with if you lack experience.

As a result, high-quality cashmere knitting kits are hard to come by, and finding these kits with stylish patterns is even harder.

That’s why we’ve created this collection of 16 stylish cashmere knitting kits. We’ve selected kits with modern cashmere knitting patterns and a variety of price ranges for all budgets. All of these kits contain yarns made with up to 100% cashmere wool, which means you can get started on the knitting pattern straight away.

These knitting kits come with all of the cashmere yarn you need to create your chosen garment, which saves you searching around for the right yarn. We’ve listed all of the materials included in each kit and any additional materials you might need. You can also find a selection of cashmere hats in our hat knitting kit collection.

The majority of kits listed here don’t come with needles though, so you’ll have to find those separately. If they do include needles, they’ll be exactly the knitting needle type you’ll need to complete the project.

If you’re an advanced knitter you can try emulating your favourite patterns in cashmere yarn, but if you’re a less experienced knitter looking for luxury then these knitting kits are for you.

16 High-Quality Cashmere Knitting Kits

Here’s a list of 16 stylish knitting kits that use cashmere yarn. We’ve chosen all of these knitting kits based on the yarn fiber type, brand reputation, and the quality of the patterns and yarns included.

1. Caramel Sweater Cashmere Kit

Caramel Sweater by PetiteKnit

This knitting kit contains everything you need to knit the Caramel Sweater by PetiteKnit in Cashmere. The yarn included in this kit is Önling No 11 which is made of cashmere and merino wool. 

The pattern contains instructions to knit the sweater from the top down with only one transition from the turtleneck to the main body and sleeves.

The price and yarn quantity you’ll receive in the kit will vary depending on the size of sweater you choose.

Material90% Merino Superfine Wool, 10% Cashmere
Knitting Kit ContentsDigital Pattern
175g-275 g Önling No. 11
150g-225 g Önling No. 10
Additional RequirementsUS Size 6/4mm Circular Needles (16″ and 32″ or 40″ Cable)
US Size 6/4mm Double Pointed Needles
Knitting Kit WebsiteCaramel Sweater by PetiteKnit – Önling

2. “Patience” Tank Cashmere Knitting Kit

Patience Tank Cashmere Knitting Kit

This easy knitting kit from Wool and the Gang contains 5 to 7 balls of “Back for Good” Cashmere yarn and the pattern for the “Patience” vest.

It’s a beginner-friendly cashmere kit that uses rib and stocking stitch and sustainable, recycled cashmere yarn to create an excellent wardrobe staple.

Material97% Recycled Cashmere, 3% Recycled Wool
Knitting Kit ContentsDigital Pattern
5-7 Balls of “Back for Good” Cashmere Yarn
Additional RequirementsUS Size 4/3.5mm Circular Needles (Optional)
US Size 8/5mm Needles (Optional)
Knitting Kit WebsitePatience Tank – Wool and the Gang

3. Jacqueline Beret Knitting Kit

Jacqueline Cashmere Beret

This beret knitting kit from Clinton Hill Cashmere is knit using one ball of 100% Italian cashmere yarn. It’s soft, chic, and quick to knit using the stockinette stitch. We loved this pattern so much we even included it in our list of the best easy beret knitting patterns.

The kit contains all of the materials you need to get started including the digital knitting pattern, yarn, and more. You can also add 4mm double pointed needles for a small extra cost.

Material100% Italian Cashmere
Knitting Kit ContentsDigital Pattern
1 Ball of Bespoke Cashmere DK in Dark Navy
Additional RequirementsUS Size 4/3.75mm Circular Needles (16″ Cable)
US Size 6/4mm Circular Needles (16″ & 24″ Cables)
Knitting Kit WebsiteJacqueline Beret Kit by Clinton Hill Cashmere

4. Friday Tee Kit

Friday Tee by PetiteKnit

This knitting kit contains the pattern for the gorgeous Friday Tee by PetiteKnit along with enough yarn to knit your selected size.

The Önling No 11 yarn included is made from 10% cashmere wool for an added softness when compared to the original design. As long as you’re comfortable with the rib stitch, you’ll be good to go!

Material90% Merino Superfine Wool, 10% Cashmere
Knitting Kit ContentsDigital Pattern
150-250g Önling No. 11 (Col. A)
50-75g Önling No. 11 (Col. B)
Additional Requirements3mm Circular needles (40, 60, 80 and 100cm Cables)
2.5 mm Double-Pointed Needles
Knitting Kit WebsiteFriday Tee by PetiteKnit – Önling

5. April Cardigan Kit in Cashmere

April Cardigan by PetiteKnit

The April Cardigan by PetiteKnit is a fan favourite, and this cashmere version from Önling is an excellent iteration.

The kit contains the digital pattern for the V-neck cardigan that’s worked from the top down. It includes Önling No 11 cashmere yarn that’s mixed with silk mohair for an ultra-soft feel.

The kit does not contain buttons or needles, but we recommend checking on Etsy for ones similar to those pictured. You can also check out our list of knitted cardigan patterns for more information.

Material90% Merino Superfine Wool, 10% Cashmere
Knitting Kit ContentsDigital Pattern
150-250 g Önling No. 11
125-200 g Önling No 10
Additional Requirements4mm Circular Needles (60″ and 80″ Cable)
3mm Circular Needles (80cm or 100cm Cable)
Knitting Kit WebsiteApril Cardigan by PetiteKnit – Önling

6. Winslow Cashmere Sweater Knitting Kit

Winslow Sweater Kit

If you’re looking for chic style, warmth, and pure luxury, then the Winslow Sweater from Clinton Hill Cashmere is your answer.

This cashmere knitting knit might be expensive, but it comes with 11 balls of bespoke, 100% Italian cashmere yarn in a colour of your choice.

You’ll need to find the right needles separately, but you’ll never need to buy another cashmere sweater.

Material100% Italian Cashmere
Knitting Kit ContentsDigital Pattern
11-12 Balls of Bespoke Cashmere in Camel
Additional RequirementsUS Size 9/5mm Circular Needles (16″ and 24″ Cable)
Knitting Kit WebsiteWinslow Sweater Knitting Kit – Clinton Hill Cashmere

7. “Everything Changes” Scarf

everything changes scarf kit

Another new cashmere knitting kit from Wool and the Gang, the “Everything Changes” scarf is a beginner-friendly kit that you can knit in 16 hours or less.

Also featured in our list of scarf knitting kits for beginners, it is knit using 4 balls of 100% recycled cashmere yarn and the garter stitch. Suitable for new knitters, this kit makes a great introduction to luxury knitting.

Material97% Recycled Cashmere, 3% Wool
Knitting Kit ContentsDigital Pattern
4 balls of “Back for Good” Cashmere
Additional RequirementsUS Size 8/5mm Straight Needles
Knitting Kit WebsiteEverything Changes Scarf – Wool and the Gang

8. Spot Sweater Kit

Cashmere Spot sweater kit

This simple sweater knitting kit contains 3 types of yarn: Önling No. 11, Önling No. 2, and Önling No 10. All of these yarns are made of a mixture of silk mohair, merino wool, and cashmere.

The sweater pattern included in this kit is designed with a simple stranded pattern, twisted rib detailing, and a smooth neckline. It is worked from the top down and then knit in the round towards the later stages of the pattern.

Material90% Merino Superfine Wool, 10% Cashmere
Knitting Kit ContentsDigital Pattern
100g-150g Önling No. 10 (Colour A)
125g-175g Önling No. 11 (Colour A)
150g-200g Önling No. 2 (Colour B)
Additional Requirements4.5 mm Circular Needles (40, 60 or 80 cm Cable)
3.5 mm Double-pointed Needles
Knitting Kit WebsiteSpot Sweater by Anne Ventzel – Önling

9. Sophia Cowl Knitting Kit

sophia cowl kit

If you’re looking to start knitting with cashmere and you don’t know where to start, this ribbed cashmere turtleneck cowl is a good choice.

The kit contains just 2 balls of 100% Italian cashmere and an easy knitting pattern – all you need for this quick and simple knit. For similar projects, you can also check out our list of curated cowl knitting patterns.

Difficulty LevelBeginner
Knitting Kit ContentsDigital Pattern
2 Balls of Bespoke Cashmere Yarn in Light Sand
Additional RequirementsUS Size 8/5mm Circular Needles (16″ Cable)
Knitting Kit WebsiteSophia Cowl Kit by Clinton Hill Cashmere

10. Striped Cashmere Snood Kit

Striped Snood Kit

One of the best value cashmere knitting kits around, this kit comes with everything you need to knit a striped snood for winter.

It includes 4 balls of cashmere and merino yarn from Rowan, the digital knitting pattern, and a booklet of knitting patterns that features 6 additional designs.

You can add 6mm knitting needles to the kit for a small additional cost, and every single purchase comes in a box from Knitting Village, making this an excellent choice for a gift.

Material73% Wool, 15% Cashmere, 7% Yak, 5% Nylon
Knitting Kit ContentsDigital Pattern
4 Balls of Rowan Cosy Merino
Pattern Booklet (6 Designs)
Additional Requirements6mm Knitting Needles
Knitting Kit WebsiteStriped Snood Cashmere Knitting Kit – Knitting Village

11. Gold Street Beanie Kit

Gold Street hat Kit

Cashmere doesn’t have to be too fancy – this beanie knitting kit combines both luxury and comfort.

The included knitting pattern doubles the 100% cashmere DK yarn to create a chunky look and a warm feel for winter.

Price $96/£69.80
Material100% Italian Cashmere
Knitting Kit ContentsDigital Pattern
2 Balls of Bespoke Cashmere Yarn in Gold
Additional RequirementsUS Size 11 Circular Needles (16″ Cable)
Knitting Kit WebsiteGold Street Beanie Kit – Clinton Hill Cashmere

12. 100% Cashmere Mobius Scarf Kit

Mobius Scarf Knitting Kit

The Mobius Scarf is an excellent challenge for any would-be cashmere knitter. It’s available in a variety of colours, and comes with one skein of pure cashmere DK Yarn.

You’ll only need to be familiar with very basic techniques including casting on, knit and purl stitches, and binding off. If you need any help, check out our tips on how to end knitting a scarf

Material100% Cashmere
Knitting Kit ContentsDigital Pattern
One Skein of Pure Cashmere DK Yarn
Additional RequirementsUS Size 7 Circular Needles (24″ Cable)
Knitting Kit WebsiteMobius Scarf Kit – Cashmere Treats

13. Deluxe “Easy Peasy” Turtleneck Kit

Deluxe Easy Peasy Turtleneck Kit

If you’re a knitting beginner but you want to try knitting with cashmere, this knitting kit is for you. The Deluxe “Easy Peasy” Turtleneck knitting kit is worked on large knitting needles and contains a super simple pattern. If the turtleneck feels too complicated, there are also instructions to knit a simple collar.

The kit contains Önling No 5 yarn which is made of silk, alpaca, and cashmere wool. The result is a soft, long-sleeved, decadent sweater for autumn, early spring, and winter.

Material25% Silk, 10% Cashmere, 10% Alpaca, 55% Wool
Knitting Kit ContentsDigital Pattern
250g-550g Önling No. 5 Yarn
Additional RequirementsN/A
Knitting Kit WebsiteDeluxe “Easy Peasy” Turtleneck – Önling

14. Cashmere & Merino Quadrant Cowl Kit

Cashmere & Merino Quadrant Cowl Kits

This knitting kit contains one large skein and 3 mini skeins of cashmere merino wool and a pattern to create the beautiful “Quadrant Cowl”.

The cowl is knit in the round to produce two layers of textile for a comfortable fit around your neck and a beautiful mosaic pattern.

Material80% Merino Wool, 20% Goat Cashmere
Knitting Kit ContentsDigital Knitting Pattern
100g Skein of Cashmere Merino Luxe
3x20g Mini-Skeins of Cashmere Merino Luxe
Additional Requirements2 x US Size 3 Circular Needles (16” Cable)
Knitting Kit WebsiteCashmere & Merino Quadrant Cowl Kit – Cashmere Treats

15. 100% Cashmere Triangle Scarf Kit

100% Cashmere Triangle Scarf Kit

Another 100% cashmere scarf knitting kit, the Triangle Scarf kit contains a digital pattern along with two skeins of pure DK cashmere yarn.

The resulting scarf is a classic silhouette with a luxurious touch. Simply choose your colours, find some circular needles, and get knitting!

Material100% Cashmere
Knitting Kit ContentsDigital Pattern
2 Skeins of Pure Cashmere DK Yarn
Additional RequirementsUS Size 7 Circular Needles (24″ Cable)
Knitting Kit Website100% Cashmere Triangle Scarf Kit – Cashmere Treats

16. Rowan Star Blanket Kit in Cashmere Merino

Rowan Star Blanket Kit

This beautiful cashmere baby blanket knitting kit from Rowan is an excellent gift that also features in our list of baby blanket knitting kits for beginners.

The kit is delivered in a wonderful box and includes the full knitting pattern along with Baby Cashsoft Merino yarn from Rowan, which is made from 57% wool, 33% Acrylic, and 10% pure cashmere.

Material57% Wool, 33% Acrylic, 10% Cashmere
Knitting Kit ContentsDigital Pattern
Rowan Baby Cashsoft Merino Yarn
Additional Requirements3.75mm Knitting Needles
Knitting Kit WebsiteRowan Star Blanket Kit in Cashmere – Rowan

Is It Difficult to Knit With Cashmere?

Cashmere is an extremely soft fiber that is very fine, light-weight, and expensive. It is possible to knit with cashmere yarn, but its thin, delicate nature makes it a difficult yarn to work with for beginners.

Cashmere yarn blocks well, but it can be extremely weak if it isn’t blended with a thicker, stronger fiber type. This fineness and weakness can also make it very susceptible to pilling when rubbed against coarse surfaces or washed, as the short cashmere fibers lose their bind to each other.

It can also be hard to produce cashmere garments with fine details or obvious stitching patterns, as the small hairs cover the texture of the knitwear.

This might be the most expensive type of yarn available, but it’s also the softest and the most versatile in terms of temperature. It’s not an easy material to work with, but if you persevere and treat the final garment right, it will look fantastic and last a long time.

Where Can You Buy Cashmere Wool for Knitting?

Pure cashmere knitting yarn is incredibly hard to find, and very expensive due to the short supply. Most cashmere yarns you’ll find on the market are approximately 70% wool and 30% real cashmere.

If you’re committed to using 100% cashmere yarn in your knitting project, you can find a full range at LoveCrafts and Laughing Hens in a variety of weights and blends. Most cashmere yarns are DK or 4 ply, and will work well on needles between 3mm and 4mm in diameter.

Cashmere is in such high demand that suppliers have been known to lower or falsify its quality, so be careful not to choose an inferior yarn and only purchase from trusted suppliers.

If you don’t want to spend too much money, you can also unravel or recycle a sweater made of cashmere and use this for your next project, which will be much cheaper than buying the yarn from scratch. Fine merino wool and thin silk fibers are also very similar to cashmere.

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