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Easy Sock Knitting Kits for Beginners

Klara Nilsson | Updated on December 21, 2022

Knitting your first pair of socks can be a little intimidating. You have to find the right pattern, choose the right materials, and follow the instructions carefully – and avoid making mistakes along the way!

That’s why we’ve hand-picked the easiest sock knitting kits for beginners. If you’ve always wanted to learn to knit socks, then now’s your chance.

Most of these beginner sock knitting kits contain absolutely everything you need to make your very own knit socks. Some even come with additional accessories. For the outliers that don’t quite cover it all, we’ve listed any additional materials you might need in the kit descriptions.

The majority of patterns included will take around 15 to 20 hours to complete if you’re a beginner knitter. They use straight, circular, or double pointed needles with clear instructions and all of the yarn you need to complete the pattern.

Some sock knitting patterns are adaptable to suit all foot sizes, while some are more specific. In most cases, the size can be easily adjusted using the instructions to fit both men, women, and kids.

We’ve made sure the sock patterns included are some of the simplest out there, which means they’re great if you’re looking to learn the basics of knitting, get a gift for a new knitter, or you’re simply looking for an easy project. For more beginner kits, take a look at our collection of scarf knitting kits, too.

10 Super-Simple Sock Knitting Kits

We’ve hand-picked all of these beginner sock knitting kits based on style and difficulty, so that even absolute beginners can follow along. If you know how to purl stitch, knit stitch, and purl two stitches together, then you can create any of these socks – if not, you’ll learn in no time!

1. “Sock It to Me” Chunky Knit Socks Kit

"Sock it to me" knitting kit by lauren aston designs

This beginner knitting kit from Lauren Aston Designs includes everything you need to make a pair of cosy, super chunky socks in any colourway you choose.

The pattern included will take around 10 hours to complete for an intermediate knitter, and a little longer for absolute beginners. You’ll learn to use double pointed needles to knit in the round, which you can include in the kit for a small extra price.

The kit includes instructions to adapt the socks for all sizes, as well as all the information you need to make them longer, shorter, striped, or otherwise customized in any way you’d like.

Difficulty LevelBeginner/Early Intermediate
Knitting Kit Contents100g Super Chunky Yarn (Main Sock Colour)
50g Super Chunky Yarn (Accent Sock Colour)
Digital Knitting pattern
2m waste yarn
4 x 10mm Double Pointed Needles (optional)
50g Additional Yarn Ball (optional)
Darning Needle (optional)
Additional RequirementsN/A
Knitting Kit Website“Sock It to Me” Chunky Socks Kit by Lauren Aston Designs

2. Fair Isle Socks Knitting Kit

Fair Isle Socks Knitting Kit

The Fair Isle Socks Knitting Kit is an easy pattern that’s perfect for new knitters looking to test their skills. Created in soft “Utterly Aran” mid-weight yarn in two colours, it’s knit using double pointed needles that come included in the kit (if you choose).

The pattern included is designed to fit shoe sizes 4-6 (UK), but full sizing information can be found in the Etsy product description.

Difficulty LevelBeginner/Intermediate
Knitting Kit Contents‘Bag of Happy’ tote bag
2 balls of Utterly Aran Yarn (Main Sock Colour)
1 ball of Utterly Aran Yarn (Second Sock Colour)
Knitting Pattern
5 x 4mm Double Pointed Needles (optional)
Additional RequirementsN/A
Knitting Kit WebsiteFair Isle Socks Knitting Kit by WoolCoutureCompany

3. FunkyTown Socks Kit

Funkytown Socks Knitting Kit

Take a look at these socks and you’ll understand that this knitting kit needs little description – these socks are simply adorable!

This knitting kit contains two beautiful sock patterns: one for the simple socks, and one with optional frills for extra fun. Stitched using the stocking stitch and 1×1 rib stitch, they’ll take around 20 hours to complete and fit US foot sizes 5-10 (UK 3-8).

Every kit includes two sock knitting patterns and 1 ball of sparkly Glitterball Yarn, and you can also choose to include a set of 2.5mm double pointed needles.

Price $35.79/£26.00
Difficulty Level Beginner
Knitting Kit Contents 1 ball of Glitterball Sock Yarn
Funkytown Sock pattern
2.5mm double pointed needles (optional)
Additional Requirements N/A
Knitting Kit Website FunkyTown Socks Knitting Kit by Wool and the Gang

4. “A Tale of Morocco” Socks Kit

A Tale of Morocco Socks Knitting Kit

This colorful sock knitting kit is a great choice for beginners with a little bit of knitting experience. It contains fingering-weight yarn in the color of your choice, but you’ll have to purchase 2.5mm circular needles separately.

The kit is suitable for confident beginners who have mastered simple techniques including knit, purl, and decreasing. You’ll learn the magic circle method with a sock pattern that is easily adjusted to your foot size. To take a look at the pattern separately, you can also find the designer on Ravelry.

Price $23.51/£21.07
Difficulty Level Beginner
Knitting Kit Contents Fingering-Weight Yarn
Digital Knitting Pattern
Additional Requirements US Size 1.5/2.5mm Circular Needles
Knitting Kit Website “A Tale of Morocco” Socks Kit – VickeVira on Etsy

5. Siesta Winter Socks Knitting Kit

Siesta Socks Knitting Kit

Pictured here in yarn colours “wheat” and “earth” the Siesta Winter Socks knitting kit is knitted using mid-weight Utterly Aran Yarn to create the perfect socks for cosy feet in the winter.

If you’ve mastered foundational knitting techniques but you’re not sure which pattern to move onto next, this kit will help you step up your game by delivering all of the tools and tips you need to get started.

Difficulty LevelBeginner/Intermediate
Knitting Kit Contents‘Bag of Happy’ tote bag
2-3 balls of Utterly Aran Yarn
Darning Needle
Knitting Pattern
5 x 4mm Double Pointed Needles (optional)
Additional RequirementsN/A
Knitting Kit WebsiteSiesta Winter Socks Knitting Kit by WoolCoutureCompany

6. Alpaca Bed Socks Knitting Kit

Alpaca Bed Socks Knitting Kit

Alpacaly Ever After are an underrated company providing hand knits, kits, yarns and more in fully sustainable and biodegradable packaging.

This knitting kit includes all of the materials you’ll need to make incredibly soft bed socks in alpaca yarn. The pattern is extremely easy and the kit includes needles, too!

Difficulty LevelBeginner
Knitting Kit ContentsKnitting Pattern
2 Balls of Baby Alpaca Yarn
Knitting needles
Additional RequirementsN/A
Knitting Kit WebsiteAlpaca Bed Socks Knitting Kit by Alpacaly Ever After

7. “Kinda Magic” Socks

Kinda Magic Socks Kit

Another beginner sock knitting kit from Wool and the Gang, this kit uses self-patterning yarn for super soft knitted socks with a unique leopard print effect.

The kit includes 1 ball of yarn, a digital pattern, and three pairs of double pointed needles. By the time you’ve finished, you’ll have learned how to knit with rib stitch, stocking stitch, kitchener stitch, and more.

Difficulty LevelBeginner/Intermediate
Knitting Kit Contents1 Ball of “Kinda Magic” Yarn
Digital Knitting Pattern
3 Sets of Double Pointed Needles (2.25mm-2.75mm)
Additional RequirementsN/A
Knitting Kit Website“Kinda Magic” Socks by Wool and the Gang

8. Cable Socks Knitting Kit

Cable Socks Knitting Kit

The cable socks kit from Wool Couture is ideal for ambitious beginners looking to practice skills including basic knit stitches, purl increasing, decreasing, and cable knitting.

The knitting kit comes with the digital pattern along with 3-4 balls of soft “Beau Baby” yarn in the pastel shade of your choice. For needles, you can choose to include a set of six 3.25mm double pointed needles for a small additional cost.

Difficulty LevelBeginner/Intermediate
Knitting Kit Contents3-4 Balls of “Beau Baby” Yarn
US Size 3/3.25mm Double Pointed Needles (Optional)
Knitting Pattern
Additional RequirementsN/A
Knitting Kit WebsiteCable Socks Kit by Wool Couture Company

9. “One Sock” Beginner Knitting Kit

"One Sock" Knitting Kit

Tribe Yarns offer the “One Sock” knitting pattern from The Fibre Co in this excellent beginner knitting kit.

The kit includes the PDF sock knitting pattern, a technique guidebook, and one skein of sock yarn in your chosen colour. You’ll also get the same pattern with all the instructions to create the One Sock for babies, too!

If you’re looking to get all the tools at once, it should be noted that this kit doesn’t come with needles. For the adult pattern you’ll need 2.25mm and 2.5 mm double pointed needles, while for the baby pattern you’ll need 4mm double pointed needles.

Price $33.72/£24.50
Difficulty LevelBeginner
Knitting Kit Contents1 skein of Amble sock yarn (100g)
Knitting Pattern (Adults)
Knitting Guidebook
Knitting Pattern (Babies)
Additional RequirementsUS Size 1/2.25mm Circular/Double Pointed Needles
US Size 1.5/2.5mm2.5mm Circular/Double Pointed Needles
Stitch Markers
Darning Needle
Knitting Kit Website“One Sock” Beginner Knitting Kit by Tribe Yarns

10. “Bossy Socks” Knitting Kit for Women & Men

Bossy Socks Knitting Kit

The “Bossy Socks” kit from HipKnitShop contains three colors of wool yarn and an easy, one-size sock pattern designed for both men and women.

To fit your desired foot size, simply adjust the length from heel to toe according to your measurements and the instructions in the pattern. Beware though: needles aren’t included, so you’ll have to purchase them separately!

Difficulty LevelBeginner
Knitting Kit ContentsPrinted Knitting Pattern
5 balls of “Hip Wool” Yarn
Additional RequirementsUS Size 8/5mm Circular Needles (Women)
US Size 10/6mm Circular Needles (Men)
Knitting Kit Website“Bossy Socks” Knitting Kit – HipKnitShop

Is It Difficult to Knit Socks?

Socks are the perfect knitting pattern for beginners because they’re small, portable, and they’re not very difficult to knit. If you have any trouble, there are also plenty of knitting classes and sock knitting tips available to take you through the process.

Some beginners are worried about knitting the heel, but this isn’t anything to be intimidated by – simply follow your pattern’s instructions to knit flaps that are then knit together. Start at the toe or the cuff, it doesn’t matter – once you’ve finished your first sock knitting pattern you’ll see how simple and easy it can be!

Can You Knit Socks on Two Straight Needles?

Most socks are knit in the round with circular or double pointed needles. Some sock patterns are designed to be knit flat with straight needles and then seamed together, but socks are small and fiddly enough that seaming like this is often more difficult than knitting in the round.

How Long Does It Take to Knit a Sock?

The amount of time it takes to knit a singular sock or a pair of socks will depend on a variety of factors including your skill level, the weight of the yarn you’re using, and the size of the needles you’re knitting with.

Most of the knitting kits in this list contain sock knitting patterns that will take between 10 and 20 hours to complete for most beginners or intermediate knitters. On average, a sock or two will take around 8 hours to knit for the average person. If you’re looking for a quicker project, take a look at our list of giant blanket knitting kits instead.

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