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10 Independent Knitwear Designers You Should Follow on Instagram

Klara Nilsson | Updated on February 5, 2023

If you’re an avid knitter like us, chances are you’ve already found your favourite big brands like Wool and the Gang, LoveCrafts, and Lauren Aston Designs. But what if I told you there’s a whole army of independent knitwear designers out there just waiting to be discovered?

Instagram is a great source of inspiration that can help you discover unique knitting patterns from designers all over the world. However, with so many knitting Instagram accounts out there, it can also become overwhelming!

To help inspire you, we’ve put together this list of 10 talented contemporary knitwear designers you should really be following on Instagram. These designers are making knitwear cool again, and they’ve all released dozens of beautiful patterns over the past few months. If you’re into indie patterns, we think you should check them out!

You can find their knitting Instagram accounts linked below in no particular order, and you can also buy their products directly from their online shops. Of course, if you’re interested in great patterns and kits, give us a follow on Instagram too!

10 Top Indie Knitting Instagram Accounts

Pictured Pattern: “Sweet Pea Cardi”

1. Vanessa Fleming @oSHenKnits

OSHenKnits is run by Vanessa Fleming, an independent knitting designer and Marine Biologist.

Her account is full of modern tops, bralettes, and more – we particularly like the range of vests including the Lemonade Vest and Watermelon Sugar Vest.

There is a variety of fabrics and styles, all of which are guaranteed to be unique, chic, and turn heads. You can find her full range on the oSHenKnits website or Etsy Store.

Pictured Pattern: Fluffy Dream Sweater

2. Eliza Hilding @elizations

If you’re not already following Eliza Hilding, you should be. She’s amassed over 35,000 followers running Elizations, an incredible brand that produces unique, hand-knit, and extremely colourful pieces.

Pictured Pattern: “Whoopsie Daisy” by Wool and the Gang

3. Cam @ahoneyknits

You should follow aHoneyKnits… immediately. Already featured on our homepage and twice in our list of top cropped sweater knitting patterns, we think she’s up there with the best amateur designers out there.

From her “titty vest” to the beautiful “Hazy Skies” jumper, you can find several beautiful patterns on her Etsy shop that are perfectly suitable for beginners. Did we mention she has a beautiful dog too?

the unraveller
Pictured Pattern: “Bubble Bae” Bag

4. Jess @The.unraveller

We absolutely love the “bubble bae” bag by unraveller, and we’re pretty sure you will too.

You can find it along with the lovely “Hurdy Gurdy” jumper  and other tote bag knitting patterns on Jess’ Etsy shop, while her Instagram is full of inspiration. If you enjoy watching dozens of knitters put their spin on great patterns, this one’s for you!

Pictured Pattern: “Melon Bomber” Cardigan

5. Hollis Crowder @Thenowhere.co

The amount of fruit-based knitting patterns coming out of TheNowhereCo is a thing of beauty.

A one-woman account run by Hollis Crowder in California, TheNowhereCo is a sustainable knitting designer with playful patterns from the “Pineapple Party Cardi” to the “Melon Bomber”. If you’re into funky colourful patterns, her instagram and Etsy Shop are for you.

Pictured Pattern: “Friday Jumper”

6. Phoebe @FridayKnits

Another favourite from our roundups, and another knitter with an incredible dog!

Phoebe from Friday.Knits is the account to go to for chunky knits and vintage patterns. If you’re into boxy silhouettes and a 70s aesthetic, you’ll be into her account. Have a scroll through her account, or visit her Etsy shop.

Pictured Pattern: “Windowpane Vest”

7. Diana @dia__knits

This is the perfect account to follow if you’re into low-key, neutral knits and modern styles.

That includes the lovely “windowpane” vest pictured above, which is to be released very soon. Follow her, and watch that space!

Pictured Pattern: “Back and Forth” Top

8. Kara @karas.knit.eng

This account isn’t just great to follow for its original patterns (like the “back and forth” top pictured here), it’s the perfect place to watch a talented knitter create other people’s patterns. We’ve even featured one of Kara’s designs in our collection of polo sweater knitting patterns.

If you follow the knitting community and you want to watch those patterns you see everywhere come to life with a little extra creative spice, Kara’s account is one to watch.

Pictured Pattern: “Stuytown Slipover”

9. @NYCKnits

If you’re obsessed with pastel colours and V-neck sweater vest patterns like we are, you might want to give this Instagram page a try. 

NYC.knits is packed full of beautiful bright knitted vests, bralettes, and crop tops. There are plenty of original patterns and other knitspiration abounds, too. Check out the NYC.knits Etsy shop if you know what’s good for you.

Pictured Pattern: “Sweater No. 14”

10. Louise Rasmussen

Soft fabrics, oversized silhouettes and a classic laid-back Scandinavian style – that’s what you’ll find with My Favourite Things Knitwear.

Designed in Denmark, this account is full of subtle, chic, contemporary patterns that you’ll be able to wear every day.


So there you have it! Those are 10 of our favourite independent knitting designers on Instagram right now. There are hundreds more knitting Instagram accounts worth shouting out, so keep an eye out for updates and future posts.

If you have any recommendations, we’d love to hear them too. The knitting community is a beautiful space – especially on Instagram – and we want to contribute to it. For more contemporary pattern suggestions, check out our curated knitting patterns too.

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