Fashionable modern knitting patterns, made easy.

Knitting Knowledge is dedicated to inspiring and educating the next generation of knitters.

Our mission is to become the place knitters go to find fashionable, modern knitting patterns and simple knitting tutorials for all experience levels.

We know from first-hand experience how much time it can take to find a knitting project that really inspires you.

Most knitting websites are packed with old designs, outdated tips, and thousands of disorganized patterns.

That’s why we spend our time poring through Ravelry, Etsy, Instagram, LoveCrafts, Lauren Aston Designs, and dozens of other websites. We find the absolute best free and paid patterns from big brands and small independent designers – so you don’t have to.

We believe everyone deserves to craft something beautiful, and beautiful things should be easy to find – so we put everything you need all in one place.

Here’s How You Save Time

We get it – there are hundreds of knitting websites out there with thousands of patterns. Why choose us?

Not only do we hand-pick the best new patterns from all of those websites, we organize them all into categories and collect all of the supplies, specifications, and information you need to start knitting.

That means you can browse the newest, best-looking patterns and kits on the internet, and find everything you need for them all in one place.

Every pattern on Knitting Knowledge comes with the following information:

Empowering Independent Designers

Our motto is better, not bigger. We showcase knitting patterns from the latest generation of independent designers on Etsy, Instagram, Ravelry, and more. We don’t care how big you are – if it’s beautiful, we’ll feature it.

We also hand-pick free and paid patterns from some of the biggest brands and designers in the industry to make sure you get the widest selection possible.

Beatrix Bralette and Moni Bag from NowhereCo
"Beatrix Mini Bag" by TheNowhereCo.
Friday vest knitting pattern
"Friday Vest" by FridayKnits.

Sustainable, Inclusive, and Homemade

We want to contribute to making the knitting community a space where everyone feels welcome.

That means making sure we highlight patterns for every size and shape, of all cost and difficulty levels, from designers all over the world.

It’s not just fun, either – knitting at home is a step towards sustainable, personal fashion. We put responsibly-sourced materials, tools, and designs at the forefront of our recommendations.

Beyond the patterns

On the surface, Knitting Knowledge is a website for exciting new knitting patterns, knitting kits, and projects. Our goal is to provide inspirational ideas for the next generation of knitters.

Driving this goal is our belief that knitting is more than just your Grandma’s hobby. It’s collecting your materials, it’s picturing your next project, it’s the feeling of creating something with your own two hands and admiring your work in the mirror.

Learning to knit didn’t just give us a whole new wardrobe, it gave us the joy of being creative, and that’s what we want to share.

That’s why you’ll also find step-by-step tutorials, stitching guides, technique tips, and instructions for all skill levels. Whether you’re learning the knit stitch, beginning your first blanket, or starting on a sweater, you’ll find the resources you need on yarn, fibers, and techniques to get started.

Alongside all of this you’ll find reviews and round-ups of the best needles, yarn, accessories, and knitting kits on the market. We want to make your life easier by putting the best tools right in front of you.

Hey there! I’m Klara, the girl behind Knitting Knowledge. I run the day-to-day here, which includes choosing knitting patterns and kits, reviewing tools, writing guides, and taking photos.

My grandmother taught me to knit when I was thirteen years old. A lot has changed since 2007 – I’ve moved from Sweden to London, completed hundreds of projects, designed my own patterns, and completed a degree in Fashion at London Southbank University – but my passion for knitting has never disappeared.

Knitting Knowledge began in the summer of 2021. After struggling to find exciting, fashionable patterns and high-quality materials in one place, I decided to create Knitting Knowledge to solve that problem.

I want to build a new home for knitting enthusiasts – a place for young creators to feel inspired, intrigued, and find every single thing they need. I dream about combining the traditional craft of knitting with up-to-date, stylish designs.

It may take a while to get there, but my goal will always be to help like-minded crafters with high-quality content and beautiful designs.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, feedback, suggested patterns, or if you just fancy a chat.

Klara Nilsson
Founder of

Klara Nilsson 3
Klara Nilsson

Where Do We Find Knitting Patterns?

We don’t discriminate when it comes to style – our recommendations are hand-picked from both big brands and independent designers. To learn more, read our explanation of how we pick patterns.

  • Instagram
  • Etsy
  • Lauren Aston Designs
  • KnitPicks
  • Makerist
  • Amazon
  • LoveCrafts
  • …and dozens more.

Why Should You Trust Us?

The knitting patterns included in our collections are not our creations, but the works of talented and generous designers. These recommendations are made through years of experience and a genuine passion for beautiful knitwear.

We pride ourselves on being transparent in our editorial approach – it’s our job to do the filtering, so you can focus on what you do best: knitting.

That means we’ll never recommend patterns, kits, or tools that we don’t personally love. We do not accept payment to include a certain product or give a positive review, and third parties will never have any say in what we feature. You can learn how we make money here.

It’s simple: you are our first priority. Every guide, every collection, every resource we create — we do it to help real people find beautiful things.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Free Knitting Patterns?

You can find dozens of free knitting patterns in our dedicated section for knitting patterns.

To get the pattern you want, click on the link in the pattern description. You’ll be redirected to another website where the designer has published the pattern.

How Can I Submit a Pattern to Knitting Knowledge?

We’re always on the lookout for new patterns.

If you’re interested in sharing or you’d like to work with us, please contact us at any time and we’ll be happy to help.

Can You Help Me With a Pattern?

We do not own the patterns, kits, or tools listed on Knitting Knowledge.

If you need support for a particular pattern, you might find better advice contacting the designer directly.

However, please feel free to contact us at any time – we’ll be happy to help!

How Do You Make Money?

As well as advertising, we receive a small commission if you choose to buy a pattern, kit, or tool through a link on our website.

We may receive compensation, but this will never affect the products we recommend.

You can learn more about how we make money here.

Contact Us

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