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We scour the internet to bring you fresh round-ups of the very best modern knitting patterns, kits, and supplies out there – so you don’t have to.

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Curated Knitting Patterns, Kits, and Supplies

Not sure where to start? Find our collections of the latest patterns, kits, and tools from top suppliers.

Friday vest knitting pattern

Knitting Patterns & Projects

Find the best knitting patterns from all over the internet, curated, collected, and categorized by our team.

maxi throw blanket knitting kit

Knitting Kits

Knitting kits come equipped with everything you need: a pair of needles, yarn, and a pattern. Find our favourites by category here.

Yarn Bundles

Knitting Guides & Supplies

Learn about knitting techniques, tools, and materials with our collection of detailed guides and resources.

Our featured knitting patterns, kits, and tools are hand-picked from big brands and leading independent designers.

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The Perfect Project Awaits

Finding new, stylish knitting projects is like finding a needle in a haystack. That’s why we’re here.

Super Simple Jumper
"Super Simple Jumper" by ahoneyknits on Etsy.

We hand-pick the best knitting projects from big brands and small independent designers on Ravelry, LoveCrafts, Etsy, Instagram, and beyond.

Our goal is to provide inspirational ideas for the next generation of knitters. We’re dedicated to finding fashionable new and vintage knitting patterns that you’ll actually want to wear.

Patterns For All Skill Levels

From simple blankets to complex lace patterns, we categorize and regularly update all of our featured knitting patterns to make sure there’s always something fresh for you.

We add all of the information you need on difficulty level, estimated knitting time, and techniques required to make the process of finding your next knitting project as simple as possible.

That means you can browse the newest, best-looking patterns on the internet and find everything you need for them all in one place.

bubble bae knitted bag
"Bubble Bae Bag" by TheUnravellerKnits.
Braberrylette knitting pattern
"Braberrylette" by KTSKnit.

Knitting Guides & Supplies

We’re passionate about combining the traditional art of knitting with contemporary, stylish designs. There are plenty of free knitting patterns, while a few are paid-for and well worth the price.

You’ll also find reviews and round-ups of the best needles, yarn, accessories, and knitting kits – and plenty of knitting guides for all skill levels, too.

Learn About Knitting Knowledge

Find out how we’ll save you time and money – and get you looking great.

Discover Our Mission

We're here to inspire the latest generation of knitters. We want to make finding vibrant, fashionable knitting patterns as simple as possible.

Read Our Knitting Tips

Find detailed tips on stitching, casting on, and getting started with knitting in our collection of knitting guides and resources.

Featured Knitting Patterns, Kits, and Guides​

Beret No.1

Classic Beret Knitting Patterns

Choose from a curated list of modern beret knitting patterns, from classic french berets to super-easy slouchy designs.